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GARP ERP (Energy Risk) Exam


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Hi All,

has someone already tried to tackle the ERP exam? Irrespective of the exam itself, what do you think about the value-added of this program?

Would be great to have your feedback on this.

Many thanks!


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I would say its entirely based on where you live and whether you want to work in the energy sector or not. For example, in North America, if you happen to live in Houston or Calgary (where I use to live) the ERP would be highly sought after as there are tons of energy companies in both cities. If you arn't currently working in the energy sector I would say this isn't really worth pursuing in my opinion.
Hello - I live in Houston and planning to pursue ERP. Wondering if we have good course program like bionic turtle for ERP. Please advise.

Regarding ERP Part1 - I do see passing rate was low based on historical data posted in GARP. Wondering if the syllabus is more theory than math. I looked at syllabus for ERP part 1 and not able to find sections like quants like FRM Part 1.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you