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GARP lost FRM November part II exams


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Hello all,

I have just received an email by GARP saying the transport company lost my exam sheet (I took part II November 2017 in Lisbon - Portugal). Is there anyone else in this situation? What can we do? This is a totally unacceptable situation, after several months studying and dedicating a lot of effort into it. I am now left with the refund option or the option of taking part II in May, which is outrageous.

Quoting first paragraph of the email:
"We regret to have to inform you that a problem has arisen concerning your November 2017 FRM Exam Part II answer sheet. UPS, the global overnight express mail delivery service used by GARP to distribute and collect the exam materials has lost the package that contained your answer sheet. GARP has worked diligently with UPS over the last four weeks as they have repeatedly searched their warehouse/facilities in an attempt to locate the missing package. Unfortunately, UPS has determined that based upon their experience they no longer expect to find the package as all manner of searching has been exhausted."

Hope to hear from you.



You use archaic methods to administer an exam you end up with errors like this.

I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

Maybe GARP should modernize the exam.


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Ironically as I read CFAI too lost Brazil L1 OMRs :/

They are providing full refund + L1 take at no cost + L1 re-test in Jan


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There is one obvious way is to Go Online

I dont think there is a better cost effective way to hedge this risk

Nicole Seaman

Director of FRM Operations
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No, it was the real exam.
I think @chancemreed was trying to look at it optimistically by saying that it was good practice for you if you are going to have to take it again. I know it is impossible to look at this in an optimistic way, though, after putting in all of the study hours and money for this exam. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. This is the first that I've heard of this happening! :(:mad: