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Hello everyone,

I just received an email from GARP saying that my membership will expire in one month.

I am currently an “individual member”and I would like to know if I can become an “affiliate member”, which is free, instead of renewing my membership as “individual member”.

Is it possible?
When you are an FRM holder, is it required to be a GARP member ?



Juan B.


I just found this in the GARP FAQs:

GARP Membership and the FRM

Do I have to be a member of GARP to sit for the FRM Exam? No. Membership is not required to sit for the FRM Exams. However, you will be automatically provided with complimentary membership privileges as an Individual Member of GARP for one year upon paid enrollment in the FRM Program. Your membership can automatically be renewed if you agreed to do so at the time of your registration. For an overview of Individual Membership benefits, click here.

I understand you do not have even to be a member, therefore the affiliate free status would suffice.

Any feedback from somebody else?

Juan B.

Additionally on your question about FRM holders...this is also stated in the GARPs website

Do I need to be an Individual (paid) Member in order to use the FRM designation?GARP does not currently require you to be an Individual Member to use your FRM designation. However, we do encourage you to maintain your Individual GARP Membership in order to utilize all the benefits available to you. To review the benefits of paid Membership, pleaseclick here.


Hi I booked my first exam in May 20 and paid the 850 dollars but exams deferred to May 21. My membership has recently lapsed (>1 year elapsed) without any direct notification from GARP. Do I need to renew to take the FRM 1 exam in May 21 and will they let me renew to take exam. No membership does that prohibit you from sitting the exam.