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GARP Testing Policies and Procedures

Nicole Seaman

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These are the GARP testing policies and procedures. Just thought I would post them to make it easier for all of you :)

Your current identification must exactly match the name under which you are registering for the Exam. Only a current, not expired and original valid government issued passport or driver's license which includes a photograph of the candidate will be accepted for identification purposes, and only the actual passport or driver's license is acceptable - a photocopy is not acceptable. GARP will not accept work/employer identification cards, voter's identification cards, a learner's permit, student ID cards, PAN card or national ID cards. The name on your passport or driver's license must be exactly the same as the name on your Exam registration. For example, the name 李学成 cannot be used to register for the exam; Xuecheng Li would be the correct name to use to register using the phonetic alphabet.

IMPORTANT: If the name on your Exam registration does not exactly match that of your passport or driver's license, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

There are NO exceptions to this policy, regardless of what form of identification a candidate may have used in past Exam administrations. If a candidate arrives on exam day without a valid passport or driver's license, they will not be allowed to sit for the exam. There are no exceptions to this policy. GARP administers its exams in approximately 90 locations in more than 50 countries; because all of the different forms of identification that are used worldwide, which differ greatly from country to country and from culture to culture, we cannot list all forms of identification that are not acceptable. We only accept an original country-issued passport or a driver's license for admission. We require that all candidates must abide by this same rule, worldwide.

A Special Note: A driver's license can only be used in the country of origin; otherwise you must arrive with a valid passport.

Only GARP-approved calculators are permitted to be used at the FRM Exam. Review the GARP calculator policy HERE.

All Exam materials, including Exam booklets and answer sheets, are the sole property of GARP. Completed examinations will not be returned or shared partially or fully with candidates.
Your Exam materials must be given to the Proctor prior to leaving the Exam room for any reason including trips to the restroom.

If you finish either session before the end of the allotted time, you may leave the testing room but only after you have handed in all your examination materials to the proctor. Once you leave the testing room after completing a session, you may not return. No one may leave during the last 30 minutes of either session.

Should you leave the testing room and inadvertently take the examination materials with you, your Exam will not be graded. This is a violation of GARP's testing policies.

Proctors and security personnel may ask to inspect your belongings at check-in to ensure that prohibited items are not carried into the testing room. Click here to learn which items are prohibited.

There are no refunds given under any circumstances for either the FRM Exam registration fee or the FRM Exam enrollment fee. Candidates cannot transfer a registration to another candidate. Candidates do, however, have the option to defer their FRM Exam to the following exam date, but they will be subject to a US$100 administrative processing fee for the deferral.

GARP, in its sole discretion, may determine it is necessary to close an exam testing site due to evacuation, natural disaster, acts of military, political or government authority, or "acts of God". Should such a cancellation occur, GARP will make every effort to notify candidates as soon as possible.

If we have to change or cancel the exam at a site for other reasons, GARP will make every effort to provide advance notice and inform the candidates of the new testing site and/or additional options.
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Hi Nicole,

One query on GARP's procedures -
Since FRM is conducted in countries with different time zones, do you know how, if at all, GARP manages to ensure that Qs. aren't leaked out by candidates in the country which sits for the exam before others? For eg. I suppose someone in Singapore would take the exam much before New York, so he could pass on some Qs. to New york candidates. Though they don't let you carry Q. booklet after exam, but one could still pass on many Qs. by memory.

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Hi Nicole,
please help. I am trying to defer my exam to November 2015? Do you know how do I change this? I'm having difficulty navigating the new face of GARP website.

Nicole Seaman

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Hello @dawnperiwinkle

When you log into the GARP website and go your registration page, is there a link with the option to defer? I am not registered for the exam so I cannot see what the new page looks like when a registered candidate logs into their account. If you are unable to find a link to defer your exam after you login, please let me know and I can try to find out for you.

Thank you,



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Hi Nicole,
please help. I am trying to defer my exam to November 2015? Do you know how do I change this? I'm having difficulty navigating the new face of GARP website.

Hi dawnperiwinkle,

on the new website after login you have to click on My Programs at the top of the page (next to Dashboard). Then you find the option to defer the exam in the blue horizontal bar in the middle of the screen. At least that's how it looks for me.


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Just wanted to share what happened at the exam regarding the name rule.

The name having to match EXACTLY your id is no joke. Two people were denied access because there was a spelling mistake and the other had only his name and not his first name on it. Even if you were allowed to sit the first exam. They argued a lot but didnt manage to convice the examiners. We started 10mn late because of that. It has to be exactly the same, if you have more firstnames on your id they have to be there too, no spelling mistake no obvious typo. Rule is the rule. The examiners were very strict.


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I have a question about filling in the bubbles. I switched answers so filled in both bubbles and wrote in the column Final Answer. But then I crossed out the first "final answer" and replaced it with my real final answer. Will they count the question?