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FAQ Before Exam GARP Weekly Topics


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Hi David,
I just received an email from GARP advising that for the next 15 weeks, GARP will be highlighting topics
that will appear on the exam part 1 to help me pace through the exam materials ( i.e: Foundation of
Risk Management : Michael Crouhy, Dan Galai : Essential of Risk Management Page 3-58 only;
James Lam : Enterprise Risk Management : Page 59-70 only .. and so forth). Could you please kindly advise
me if there is any way for me to refer these pages with our BT reading materials or questions so that
I can focus and master all these topics that GARP would test us in the May 16 exam .
Thank you in advance for your response.

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi @VINCENTP I think those emails simply explicate the same Reading Plans found in the FRM Program Manual, see page 61 to 63 @ https://www.dropbox.com/s/5hw7wd0hnm2zvby/frm_program_manual_2015_-__final_rev.pdf?dl=0
... so all they do is suggest a pacing for syllabus. If that's the case, we won't do anything different: they are just re-organizing and clustering the same syllabus readings. And I will be blunt here: there's nothing magic about the suggested Reading Plans. It's just a grouping and I'm personally not very impressed by it. Look at what is mis-labeled as "Regressions II" (sic): QA-6,QA-15, QA-15. Those aren't regressions?! And arguably information and data risk (FRM 12 and 13) doesn't need its own entire week.

Unless I am mistaken (@Nicole Manley can we ask if the emails are any different than the Reading Plans?), these will sequentially map to assignments in the Study Guide (and the AIM-by-AIM). So they will just be pointing to the same syllabus readings. So the reference should be pretty obvious. Thanks!


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I realized that if you really start with the first email from GARP and plan your studies to match with the weekly GARP emails, you won’t be a Ken to have any time for review.