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Good Luck on the Exam Tomorrow!!

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Nicole Seaman

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Good luck to everyone who is taking the exam tomorrow!! It is always a pleasure supporting all of you and we appreciate you spending your time preparing with us. I will be posting feedback threads for both parts of the exam so make sure to stop back tomorrow to let us know how it went!

I'm sure most of you feel like this right now:

And I KNOW @David Harper CFA FRM CIPM feels like this:

You've all worked very hard and YOU CAN DO THIS!! :)



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Hi Nicole, thanks for the best wishes. I did great on the exam today. The exam was not as much as people blogged about earlier this year, however. I find the exam was half easy, half hard, not tough, not standard. There were questions given, relatively easy when solved on BionicTurtle.com, but leaving blank faces staring to the page when in action. There were a handful of word problems, I think maybe 46 or less in total. The knowledge-based questions were not a walk in the park. Some questions gave 2 very good answer choices, and some questions just seemed not to give the total right answer. Either way, I know I passed and I could not have done it without David Harper and Nicole Seaman - BionicTurtle all the way!



Glad to hear that some people found it easy. Personally I found the test to be very lengthy ( my lack of practicing could be a reason) .. though I spoke with 4-5 people after the test and they all seemed to agree with me. I found the GARP and BT practice tests to be most helpful.

One advise to anyone taking this exam .. solve the first 20 and the last 20 questions first as they tend to be easier, then tackle the theory questions followed by the middle section quantitative questions.
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