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    I just signed up for the tier 3 FRM-Part 2 product and while it seems there is an abundant amount of information, I cannot seem to figure out where to start or how far behind I am.

    Is there a place that lists in order what we should be reading, reviewing, and testing ourselves on? I see files archived back before the first exam in May up to present. Which ones are applicable for November and what to the Ts and Ps mean?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Thanks Shakti.
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    We recommend that our paid customers utilize the study planner: The study planner provides to-do lists, completed lists, etc which will help you structure your very out study plan as far as which content you wish to review. All of the content within the study planner is recommended for exam preparation purposes.

    T= Topic...Example: T1 = Topic 1, T2 = Topic 2, etc.)
    P = Part...(Example: P1 = Part 1 (Topics 1-4), P2 = Part 2 (Topics 5-9)

    I hope that helps!

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    @Shakti - Thanks for your generous help, again, really appreciated.

    ECUBANKER - I was going to emphasize the Study Planner but Suzanne beat me too it! (we are working with developers to both make going to the Study Planner more obvious, but also making the Study Planner even better). I just awarded you a "gold star" (enters you into our drawing, details are here) for identifying the technical download glitch over the weekend (for inconveniencing you). Thank you for your patience,
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    Suzanne and David,

    Thank you both. It seems quite obvious once you spell it out.

    I previously used Schweser (obviously didnt work out too well, and really feel bad after the high pass rate) and that made me somewhat accustom to a very structure study plan. This site was just a bit overwhelming for the first time.
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