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FAQ Before Exam I am Super BAD at MATHS and everything related to it - Can I enroll and clear FRM ??


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I am in the Insurance Industry. I am a graduate and a Fellowship Holder ( FIII) from the Insurance Institute of India. Since Insurance also comes under Risk Management I would like to take up FRM. I am super WEAK and TERRIBLY bad with Maths, statistics, and the Alike. Is there a possibility that I can clear FRM if I enroll study and give the exams a shot?


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It really depends, because different people have different definitions of "bad at maths". However, my personal opinion (although quite biased) is that everyone should be able to take the FRM. Perhaps in preparation of the FRM, before you even register for the exam, you can take a look at the concepts taught in the FRM Pt I syllabus (statistical distributions, risk measures and pricing models for derivatives) and try some online questions.

Hope that helps!