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Is R15.T1 important for the exam? (it is very theoretical)

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Hi everybody
I'm preparing the FRM-1 exam on May 20th and just finished R15.T1 on Statistics. It is quite technical and I must work more to be able to understand it fully. I just wonder if it is worth to spend so much time on this topic?
It seems that its weight on the exams is not so big and the time needed could be spent far more productive on working on Chapters T.3 and T.4. Is this topic (R.15.T1) is relevant for exams?
Thank you in advance for any advise.
Are you referencing to the Diebold chapters on trends, seasonality and cycles?

I was writing Part I in November 2016 and I remember at least two qualitative questions regarding those topics. One was on the Schwarz Information Criterion (SIC) and the other one the ARMA models I believe.

So to put it short, I think you can't predict if some topic is more relevant or less relevant. :)
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Thanks a lot Martin.
Obviously by definition we should be ready for everything. Sure... I will go back to Diebold this week-end. You have motivated me... :) Thanks.