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FAQ Before Exam Last minute Advice

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FRM P1 is 5 days away and I am feeling the jitters.
Bionic Turtle mocks seem to be a notch or two above Schweser and GARP. Although I am content with my performance in GARP practice papers, the fear of the exam being excessively difficult and the myth of low pass rates for the may attempt is haunting me. Can anyone experienced from the forum guide me a bit as to how to cope with last minute pressures and any other revision related advice?
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@David Harper CFA FRM
Hi David, I don't have access to the mocks since I ain't a paid member. I just read one of your replies on the forum stating that Bionic Turtle test prep material is a notch or two higher than the real test and pasted the same thing. Since I don't know the difficulty of the mocks, i am scared. As for my prep I only have Solved the GARP practice papers which are repetitive.