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Discussion in 'About FRM' started by browniandynamics, May 21, 2012.

  1. BioNerd

    BioNerd New Member

    what about the KPI one?
  2. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    Reducing from 99% to 95% increases the probability of making a Type 1 Error, but decreases the Probability of making a Type 2 Error.
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  3. BioNerd

    BioNerd New Member

    oh just saw your reply. yes, ROE is the only performance indicator there.
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  4. BioNerd

    BioNerd New Member

    agree on this one
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  5. cidare

    cidare New Member

    I think the answer for the question about Key Performance Indicators was ROI. But i don't remember the other choices.
    There was another question about delta. I remember the choices are option, futures and forward. I chose forward. Anyone remembers?

    In MCS question, we were required to imply the corresponding z score for 0.45, as i remembered.

    Another question about omitted variables bias occurence.

    Straight ESS, TSS and R^2 question.
  6. browniandynamics

    browniandynamics New Member

    Hi varun34by02, thanks for reminding the Type I/II error question. As I can recall now, it stated that when the significance level increase from 1% to 5% and the sample size increase from 100 to 200, how Type I and Type II errors would change?

    The answers are some combinations of I/II increase/decrease, and I think I chose Type I increase and Type II decrease.
  7. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    ROI was not an option

    Yes, omitted variable bias;
    as well as perfect multicolliniarity (messing up your OLS by dividing by zero)
  8. browniandynamics

    browniandynamics New Member

    I think this question is a hard one and honestly I don't know which answer is right, so I guessed: the relative trading balance.
  9. BioNerd

    BioNerd New Member

    there is also a question on Basel 2 recommendation for stress testing. one is encourage open discussion; one is manager's signoff before sent senior manager's review. forgot other options.
  10. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    It is directly related to the law of one price and hence inflation.
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  11. browniandynamics

    browniandynamics New Member

    Hi Aleksander, thanks for clarifying!
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  12. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    Indeed, this was the only question I guessed on the exam as the answers/text is too politically correct, and often subjective (in my view).
    I guessed "encourage open discussion" as it sounded most politically correct but I have no idea. If anyone knows the answer, do let me know.
  13. ArbitUP

    ArbitUP Member

    It was ROE, STDev, couple others. I think I picked StDev. Wasn't really sure. I initially thought ROE, but that didn't really make sense given it was a risk exam. And passively paying attention to ROE didn't make much sense in that context. I picked StDev, given it is directly related to actual performance and it has to do with risk. Definitely wasn't confident.

    PPP: Inflation

    Perf Multi


    The question about the credit quality you just had to add them up if I recall. It was an A, I think +

    Inc Type 1, Decrease Type 2

    The Weight of the VL, is just the gamma: 1-A-B

    CTD: I think we just had the quoted and the CF, divide them? And go with lowest?

    Yeah full Z. Used it a couple times...
  14. Tom77

    Tom77 New Member

    There was also a question about the Jensen`s Alpha and a given Regression. Actually i can`t remember what it was all about...
  15. varun34by02

    varun34by02 Member

    yes with just significance level dec thats a sitter.. but you know .. i started getting confused by seeing doubling of 'N' .. still wnet with T1 up & T2 Down
  16. varun34by02

    varun34by02 Member

    As i Said in some of my last reply....I derived it on the basis of real rate = nominal-inflation and real being a function in IRP, so it is Inflation in different countries that actully drives the IRP !
  17. varun34by02

    varun34by02 Member

    This one was quite complex .. the Y-axis had excess portfolio return given..but i could not crack it :( very good question i must say.. such questions only differentiate classes from masses !!
  18. Frm_Indonesia

    Frm_Indonesia New Member

    There were also questions :
    - Implied Volatility
    - Present Value Dividend with S = K = 650
    - Smoothing lamba of EWMA equation
    - Role of financial institution
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  19. varun34by02

    varun34by02 Member

    S=K=650 asked dividend..rt ? i think answer was 10.

    Smoothing I think 0.91.....but that was approx ( options were too close - 0.90/91/92/93)
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  20. BioNerd

    BioNerd New Member

    0.91 sounds like what I got too

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