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Many Thanks David - I passed!!!


Dear David,

I could not believe I managed to pass the FRM Exam! All credits go to your support and your materials - I am so happy that I did join Bionic Turtle :). I would like to share my experience to other people who is considering taking FRM in 2009.

Profile: I have been working as a risk consultant in a Big 4 for slightly more than one year (it's my first job). My background was Accounting.

Preparation: Because I have very little experience/financial knowledge, I religiously followed your advice!
- I read most of the core readings (probably around 70% of total readings)
- I watched all of your movies and did most of the practice questions
- I read your notes as soon as they're publised and read them again during 3 weeks before exam.
- I did 2008 and 2007 practice exam questions
- I also looked at some of your Excel sheets - only the topics I need further clarification.

Time: I studied since the beginning of 2008, mostly on weekends. I think It took me longer than most people due to my limited experience and knowledge.

My Score: I managed to access the analysis once this morning and my score is quite funny!
Qant, Credit Risk and Operational Risk - 1st Q
Market Risk and Investment Risk - 3rd Q
As you can see, I have 2 3rd Q so I think I must be one of the last few ppl to pass!

Basically, I don't think I was smart or knew a lot about risks. I just worked hard! For ppl thinking the exam in 2009, I would recommend you to follow David's suggestion religiously. It's really really important!

David - I would like to send you something as a token of appreciation in your support as I could not have done it without your help. Could you please email me your address?? Thank!


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
Staff member

Totally congrats, I am thrilled to read this. I know you put in the work! This is very helpful sharing for future candidates, thank you.
I am *really* glad your plan includes reading the core - I would like to think the goal is not only to pass the exam but to get the chance to formally read some great authors.
my address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) I am not shy about receiving tokens (smile). Thanks again, David