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May 2012 Exam Results

Aleksander Hansen

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Indeed, I believe it was Alfred Sloan who, during a board meeting when discussing some idea/product where everyone seemed to be in agreement, said that the company would not move forward until the board reconvened and someone could criticize it or present counter arguments.

As long as the discussion remains civil, and one respects both the other person as well as his or her opinion, and their right to that opinion, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing. Take both fiscal and monetary policy as examples;'amlotmodmdisagreement among economists, but it is by and large respectful (with the exception of the ad hominem attacks by Paul Krugmam, which should be below a Novel prize winner),


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I passed BUT got 2233 on my Part 1 for May 2012. I know thats a terrible score (obviously) but is that the worse passign score on FRM part 1 (was I the last guy on their pass list)? Or has anyone seen worse?


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You may have been on top of 2233, which would be very close to 1122 so I am NOT really surprised. Even 3333 could pass if it is on top for each section. I know pass rate is > 50% so 3333 passing should not come as a surprise either... 4444 should without a doubt be a fail...