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Exam Feedback May 2016 Part 1 Exam Feedback

I am really sorry! Don't stop trying! Try BT videos for next exam. I think 3223 passed because they had 3 on foundation which count for 20% and 3 on var which count for 30%. You had 3 on var and products which both count for 30%. You see what I mean?
But I got 2323 also failed.

Safia Djemili

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I passed as well (1,2,1,1) even though I thought it was no chance that I would pass. I used the books from GARP and BT and I can say that I would never have made it without BT. Thank's a lot BT and @David Harper
Passed (1,1,1,1).

I only used Schweser although I am also a CFA Charterholder. Found the exam difficult (especially the qualitative portion) but had a good feeling considering the curving scheme.

Wondering if will be going with BT for Level 2 as will not be familiar with most of the material...


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Hi, I passed both Part 1 and Part 2 in first attempt with 3 and half months of preparation with only Bionic turtle as part 1 preparation and schweser as part 2 preparation. Thanks to the BT team.. you guys are awesome
what the hell? The detailed exam result score is offline, can't see it anymore! Even I can still register for Part II, I am really anxious about that - can they change their mind (change the results) during the day?
just called GARP in New Jersey and they confirmed that results are set in stone. They have just problems with the webpage. Everything what was there this morning will remain the same, they will not change anything.

sigh of relief!
Anybody in the US got their results yet? I'm on the West coast, no message from GARP, or anything online (besides a notice that I need to pass part II by 2020 otherwise I'd need to start the program over...)
everyone who can see a field shaded in green with a tick for Part I has passed. They have problems with the webpage obviously.

David, can you please shine some light on this here of all the guys who are worried?