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Exam Feedback May 2017 Part 2 Exam Feedback

I am as impatient as you
However the validation process struggle with almost 2000 poeple who succedded the part 2 worldwide and who must be all reviewed at the same time
Most of them are not on BT to report the confirmation :))
I am sure it will come soon


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for Nov'17 takers, my advice would be to go through as many forum threads as possible. Read a topic, BT or GARP reading (I did schweser only for Ops and current issues), your choice, and then go through relevant threads, I learned a lot from the forum in addition to David's notes ofcourse. I made it a point to go through atleast couple of threads everyday, consistently, so whatever I wanted to revisit, it tagged it with 'watch this thread', you will find excellent comments from veterans @brian.field , @arkabose @emilioalzamora1, @Dr. Jayanthi Sankaran , @QuantMan2318 , and so on.. these people help us through all stupid and wise queries. Good Luck !
Thanks! Huge thank you to @David Harper CFA FRM , @brian.field , @QuantMan2318 and others who continue to support the forum
Congratulations @FrmL2_Aspirant and @bpdulog Good luck on all your endeavors and stay in touch on the forums and LinkedIn.
Congratulations to all those who cleared the examinations!
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Not on public forum. I may send you an example by mail when I am certified
Not usefull to send an unconfirmed wording.
It's quite straight forward : Function name, role and main responsibilities. Overview of the risk reviewed in the context of the function
I submitted my work experience July 1 and have not gotten a response. Considering it takes 2 weeks on average, I am hoping to hear back from GARP this week. Congrats to all who cleared Part 2.
can u please divulge some more information, in case if not comfortable on public forum, u can please communicate through email on [email protected]
Don't worry about the exact wording and formality as long as you keep it clear,simple and relevant.

I've used simple sentences to describe my work role, just typed them out . A linked in reference will definitely speeden up things. Keep it updated. Include examples of your daily activities which deal with handling various types of risk and the domain in which you have worked for.