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Exam Feedback May 2017 Part 2 Exam Feedback

Got my Certification approved today ....... Yeeeee......... Big Thanks to David and Nicole for making this happen. If any one reading this for 2017 Nov exam i really mean this.

I just did every thing as recommended on the posts by David and Nicole...... Follow the material and questions prepared by the BT team and it is difficult for you fail the exam..... Thanks
Got my certification today!
Submitted July 11th and approved Jul 19th.
Congratulations to all newly approved FRM's and Big thanks to David and Nicole for making this happen.

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There were few questions on Expected Shortfall. How to solve them
Hello @shashisj

The search function in the forum is very helpful. It is located in the upper right corner of the forum. There are many posts in our forum regarding expected shortfall, so if you just search for that keyword, those posts will come up. You can ask any questions that you still have within those forum threads that are already created :)