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Exam Feedback May 2018 Part 1 Exam Feedback


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Passed with 2,2,2,1. I was haunted by the comments on this thread speculating cutoffs, might I add. I was expecting a score between 55-60. This post is for those who find themselves in the same boat in future FRM Part 1 exams. People just don't know what they're talking about. 50+ is not bad!

Note to self: I studied 6 weeks for this exam. I can't afford to do the same with FRM Part 2!
Passed with 2211. Feeling relieved!

Unexpected to score 1 in FMP as I made three simple careless errors and a few more confirmed mistakes. My Max score is 22 for this. I expected 18-21 corrects.

For QA I know for a fact I scored no more than 14, most likely 11 or 12 corrects.
Good mate!! you are on the way!!!


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Passed with 1,2,1,1. First attempt.

I have to say I studied a lot, Studying at night or during weekends habe been a horrible experience.

It is difficult to measure it in hours. In my case, everything but risk governance concepts was new, and my cuantitative skills were poor. It had been 10 years since I used those kind of mathematics and statistics. I studied to the point of understanding almost everything, even if I had mistakes in some questions, the errors were not conceptual. Scored around 70% in BT test, sometimes lower, sometimes higher, 80-90% in Garps, 75% in swechers (2014)

Everything and only from BT.

I think I will take Part II on may 19 instead of November 18. I have not started yet and combining it with work is pretty difficult. I cannot study in august either, do you agree with my choice?
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