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Exam Feedback May 2019 Part 1 Exam Feedback


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Congrats everyone who passed, and those who did not pass, I hope you come back swinging hard next time.

I passed and would also like to thank BT for excellent infrastructure and repository of practice questions. Without it, navigating through preparation felt like a maze at times.

I just skimmed over learning objectives for part 2, and if I did my math right, there are 81 readings. I hope to start preparation much earlier than I had for part 1, and also hopefully participate more in the forums (for part 1 I found spectating the discussions of others very helpful to supplement my own understanding).
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Hi everyone, passed with 1212, I used all parts of Schweser and then polished just only BT video (many thanks to David). It took me about 6 months. On the exam I certainty knew about 50 problems, 40 samples-on an intuitive basis, the last 10 questions - I did not even read, the time is over.
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passed! 1112!

Studied with conjunction of Schweser and BT. BT problems are definitely worth everything. I found BT's videos to be a little slow and lack-luster but it was still very good. I read all the Schweser text, watched the BT videos for reinforcement, and did BT and Schweser problems to follow up after each section.

I'm also a CFA charterholder so a lot of this is a refresher but I've heard L2 is pretty much all new materials so I look forward to it!

To those who didn't pass, keep at it. Don't give up. I think you only really fail when you stop trying.
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