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Exam Feedback May 2019 Part 1 Exam Feedback


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Passed 1,2,1,2 with less than 200 hours of studying. Thank you, BT!

I found BT's practice questions to be more complex than those on the exam, which gave me a highly needed sense of confidence. The videos were also great! Thank you, David.


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Passed 1211. Thanks David and team!

Some thoughts / benchmarks:
  • 250 hours of study
  • All concepts were entirely new to me, except for Topic 1
  • Used BT only, except for some Khan Academy videos to subsidize my gap on Topic 2 concepts (my last math classes were AP Calc 1 and 2 in high school 15 years ago)
  • Last certification exam was CPA, almost 10 years ago
  • Strongly recommend listening to the "Ugly Americans" audio book to make the risk management case studies in Topic 1 more familiar (Kidder Peabody and Barings Bank are both part of the story)
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Even i didn't purchase all the material of Bionic Turtle it was definitely the most useful ressource and i decided to purchase the level 2 full package and for people who still hesitate to use bionic turtle i strongly advice them to purchase the materiel if you want not only to pass the exam but to be a better Risk Manager.... Thank you David and Simone!


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Mine as well. For the moment I'm at 1111 and pass. I hope it will be the last flip for this time.

With regard to my studying:
  • 250-280 hours
  • I used the Schweser books for all the LOs, concepts etc. If in question I referred to the GARP books, sometimes also the BT study notes. I found the Schweser notes most accessible due to the very clean formatting and typesetting. Also the way they were organized into four books just as the original material and sectioned into LOs made it very easy for me find my way in them. Studying all the concepts took around 60% of my time.
  • The remaining 40% I spent on BT practice questions. These were extremely valuable. This probably took more time than necessary because the questions went beyond the difficulty level of the exam. This has its benefits but I found it hard to draw the line and skip questions because I had no experience with the exam.


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Hi @Nicole Seaman, I cleared frm part 2 held in May'19, thanks to Bionic turtle's study material and focussed videos. Just wanted to know how can I mention this achievement on my CV. Cleared FRM II?

Prajakta A

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Fail !! 2333 :(
Don't give up ! You have an advantage of attempting the exam once..just polish the areas you need to work on..practice is the key ! Just practise as many questions as you can. Use the last years' question banks. All the very best to you and everyone who are going to make it the next time ! Just don't give up !


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Thanks. Sometimes i have problems coping with family and work. But I guess I am not the only one in this situation. So it can be done. Any suggestions for questions banks ? GARP ?


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Passed with 1,1,1,1. Thank you BT, David, Nicole! I have one question, does part 2 exam have as much theoretical questions as part 1? What is to be expected from part 2? Thanks!


34. Something about a ccp and its risk - wrong way risk or liquidity?
Dear @Coot I would appreciate if you can recall more details about this question..in specific I am confused since wrong way risk is more part II topic, so this makes me little bit confused..thanks a lot in advance


I remember these questions:

  • Metallgesellschaft
  • ERM
  • Stress Testing
  • Risk Data Aggregation
  • ERM
  • Calculate bond price
  • Put Delta
  • Conversion Factor
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Stress Testing
  • Country Risk
  • Calculate ES
  • Calculate Var 2%/ VaR 99%
  • Penalty Factors MSE/Akaike/Schwarz
  • Seasonility
  • Information Ratio
  • Sortino Ratio
  • CAPM
  • APT Factor Model
  • WAC and WAM
  • GARP Code of Conduct
  • CAPM assumptions
  • Covariance
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • T-distribution
  • EWMA model
  • GARCH model
  • Long-rung average variance
  • Gaussian Copula
  • Hedging Futures Beta
  • Put- Call Parity
  • Arbitrage
  • Strategy: Bull/bear/covered/protective
  • FRA
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Currency Swaps
  • Delta-Normal Method
  • One step binomial model
  • Central Counterparties CCPs
  • Credit Rating
  • Operational Risk
  • Unexpected Loss
  • Unexpected Loss calculate LR
  • Loss frequency/Loss severity
  • Spot Rate
  • Forward Rate
Dear @Lasberm would you be kind to recall in more details what you meant under following questions:
-arbitrage - was there some specific question or you referring only to arbitrage as essential concept
-Strategy: Bull/bear/covered/protective - more details about specific questions
- credit rating - more details
- operational risk - more details
- Gaussian copula - more details
Thanks in advance


There was two answers , two on adverse selection and two on moral hazard. I choose adverse selection since the company dint have information on customers.the first solution was to charge everyone same premium which was wrong and i remember choosing the other option. Do anyone remember whats the solution to avoid this adverse selection issue
Thanks for recalling details!