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Exam Feedback May 2019 Part 2 Exam Feedback

Yeah those are going to look bad. But the thing is, the PASS / FAIL in and of themself are CORRECT. So it's not like GARP is telling failed candidates that they passed, and then retracting it. If that indeed happened, that would have been BAD and grounds for a legal suit even perhaps. Rather, failed candidates are getting shown a fail...which is all that matters. The quartile breakdown is secondary really.
It shows a "Pass" for me but rubbish marks. What makes you think that the Pass/Fail is correct rather than the actual quantiles?
I saw the your enrollment will expire on may 2024 but cant see he results yet... but by changing date to a later day, I can see passed, with good, poor, poor, fair, poor (2, 4,4,3,4). I guess it's inverted and should be 3, 1,1,2,1

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GARP has confirmed just now that results have NOT been released. Please refrain from continuing to try to "play the system" and talk about it on the forum. This is making everyone extremely anxious. I'm sure GARP is currently uploading the results, and nothing is official including pass/fail/quantiles until the official results are released tomorrow morning. I really don't want to shut off comments for this thread, but it is just causing unnecessary anxiety for many people. :eek:

Quoting GARP "I absolutely confirm that official results have NOT been released and will not be released until 12:00 a.m. Eastern time. "
Passed with 43233 it says with the date trick. I also see "pass" with the "inspection" trick. Maybe the quartiles are inverted but it says poor, fair , good, fair , fair so I'm surprised they will make such a mistake . Will wait for the official results by email.
Last year same thing happened, people used the date trick and got their results a day before and I would be surprised to see anything changed even after the official results date.