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    I read somewhere that there is a multiplier on specific risk. Is there any kind of a max function or multilpier that applies to specific risks (like market Var or stressed VaR)?


  2. Hi Shannon,

    I see where the handbook implies that, but unless I've missed a development, I'm just not aware of it. The latest interpretation, far as i can tell, includes two multipliers (, consistent with handbook equation 28.15: both the 60-day average VaR and Stressed VaR are multiplied by, respectively, k and k(S), which have floors of 3.0. Then the traffic light (zone red-yellow-green) backtest of VaR may ratchet those up from 3.0 to 4.0. I just don't see any other explicit multiplier on the specific charge, and I think clearly the IRC/IRM does not. Thanks,
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    Thank you!

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