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my 2 minutes....


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I found the exam to be too narrow in terms of what was tested. I would say I have a good grasp of the relationship between different topics and etc. but the detail by which they were asking some questions just knocks you in the head. VAR was definately overwhelming; ie. VAR at different level scaled to different periods, combining with different positions. There were a lot of distractions. Many questions were uncessarily long which defeats the purpose I feel, as I spend a couple of minutes reading over just so I didn't miss a vital point. I would say in combination, there were 10 questions which covered half a page or more of deciphering!
Also, I felt some questions were not clear or specific on what was being asked! I would say there were 5 or so questions on top of those long questions that took 5+ minute so solve! Some questions I just couldn't even answer or know where to begin...hopefully the 25% is on my side. Not sure if other feels the same but definately more difficult than practice questions/exams and what I had thought. All this even after 5+ months of studying for a total of 300+ hours. Maybe just not my day.. lol That's my post exam thought.

Yea there was a question of Amarath...


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I guess that sort of sums it.
1)It wasn't at all very diverse. Lots of stuff were repeated while many many weren't tested.
2)There were dumb stuff about Basel (I call it dumb because, instead of asking to remember memorized stuff (not formula application..just plain facts), it would have nicer to give them and ask to apply). Especially the Basel part, a lot of uncovered (by David's webcasts..i am not sure if notes had it) stuff but a lot of areas not covered at all.
3)Relevance of current situation was meagre at best. I mean, there could have been a lot of questions framed which would tested more understanding than just i don't know Basel theory. A lot of areas where numerical problems or atleast comparison could have been made i guess.
4)Well, maybe i sound a bit frustrated at performing badly and i do think that it was a good test but i can't help it when people always compare that even in 12 years or so GARP's FRM doesnt even compete with FRM Level 1/2 let alone 3.

So they have to start testing better. Its tougher for me/us but its a good way to break it up (2 levels may be) and make understanding and applying stuff better rather than crowding a lot of syllabus and not doing justice to most AIM's/


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But you are expecting an average of 100. I think with a score of 100 you are expecting you will sale through.


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No as i said, i am expecting around the half of 100 (read the word frustration). Those numbers were just what i put forward, what do you think the average should be and lets play that game.