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Need help regarding how to go about.

Arka Bose

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Hi, I have purchased your both level content and since I have ample time, I am willing to sit for both levels in November 2015.
Can anyone please guide me how shall I go about with the BT notes and videos? Shall I go step by step topic area wise as given in study planner and level wise? (seems a bad idea to me).


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Hi arkabose,

I have done the topics one after another as listed in GARP's reading list. After going through the first time, I started with the practice questions. I also did them chapter by chapter. After that I went trough those topics with which I had trobbels. I did not use the study planner of BT nor of GARP so, I can't give you advice of that.

But definitly you should be able to jump around the topics in the exam, so doing questions by random topic selection should be part of your final preparation weeks I think.

I hope I could help you