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Dear All

Hope you are doing well? I have a similar question to some of the threats that are already on this forum and that is related to the level of Math required to pass FRM. I have 2 questions that I would like to ask;
1. Are there any members in the forum that came from a non financial/math background and completed the FRM exams? If so, how long did you allow yourself for to prep for FRM level 1?

I'm a chartered accountant by training but I qualified in 2013, so I'm very rusty in terms of any financial risk concepts. I know people might think that there is good math knowledge required to become chartered accountant but that is definitely not the case. I was not strong in math at school (scored in the mid 50%) and there was no math in my studies to become a chartered accountant that I could not understand quite quickly.

Thanks for your time.