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November 17, 2012 Exam Results released - January 2, 2013


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Passsed PART II...
also can we guys also post our obeservation like all the theory we produced to check if we passed or not before they actually released the results?
Theory proved wrong to me coz it was allowing me to register for Part II ... i thought i failed but voila i passed...
I hope thisbwill help other candidate who will be appearing May 13 exam and waitong for their result in july...
Cheers.. good luck..


Its 3 A.M. in India right now.. I don't how did I get up myself ... but i don't worry about it as this is the best Dawn of my life .... Passed Part 2 with 1/1/2/3/1 !
The hard-work of last 1 year seems to be just like yesterday :) and this makes my new year the best ever...

My wife, with her patience for me and my devotion to FRM, also becomes a certified FRM in equivalent terms !

Congratulations and let the parties begin .........:)


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David and Suzanne,
I can't thank you enough. I passed both Level 1 and Level 2 and I used only BT to study for the exam. I did not even open the GARP text materials, as I felt your product was so much easier to comprehend and digest, both the videos and the sample test questions. You both do a tremendous job, and a significant number of FRM holders out there owe you a debt of gratitude. Please keep up the good work... I highly recommend your product to anyone who is considering taking the FRM.

For the record I passed L1 with a 1,2,1,2 and L2 with a 4,1,2,1,2
Passed Part 2.
1 3 2 2 2

Feeling great that cleared both Parts in the first attempt. I hope that I get the dream job that I have been seeking for the last three years.


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Passed both Levels. Hi David and Suzanne!

I must say that I am grateful for your materials, specifically I used your practice exam questions which I must say were very helpful. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Yes, the site is really an asset!
Pass P1 and P2 in a year but with $850. Costly anyway!
Say PRM would cost ~ $380 (exempted 1&2)
In principle never bought books - information must be free!


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I used Schweser for FRM part 1 and 2 in Nov 2011 and the results were 1,2,2,1 and 3,3,4,4,1 respectively.

So, I sat for part 2 in Nov 2012 and this time using BT, I got 4,4,3,4,4. I felt shocked with the result as I was quite optimistic after the exam. I really dont know what to do.

In fact, I have passed level 2 of the CFA program, but I have heard people passing part 2 of FRM but failing level 2 of the CFA program.

Eugene Wong

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Dear David and Suzanne,

Thanks for your help! Thanks for the materials provided by your team!

I passed the part 1 exam, and I can proceed to part 2.

I am planning to take part 2 in the coming Nov (not May), and I will subscribe to the P2 package. Will there be 2013 version for P2? Or it's enough to use 2012 P2 package?

Thanks again!