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Exam Feedback November 2016 Part 1 Exam Feedback


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Passed 1, 1, 2, 1 no financial background whatsoever...relied solely on David's videos and Schweser notes...Thanks, David!


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Results can be seen on Garp Website --> My Programs.
The quartiles can be seen later during the day after email confirmation.

After 4 tries on FRM Part 1 exam, I have finally passed. I would like to thank my line manager at work for his continual support, and also would like to thank BT for their study course.

I shall be purchasing Part 2 shortly and look forward for the challenge of Part 2.

Good luck all.

If you fail on Part 1, do not worry. I have failed at least 3 times on this exam and I am a very slow learner even though I revise each day.

I am poor in probability but I have assumed that even if I keep failing, as long as I don't give up and I stay determined to pass; I will pass eventually :)

Well done. As we say in Cycling. Kudus to you. Properly awe inspiring that you never gave up and just kept going. :)
My analyst failed level 1 FRM even though he is a CFA, congrats to you guys who passed the beast, for those who has not, keep trying and never give up!


I passed 2,1,1,2

I would like to thank David and Nicole as without BT I doubt I would have passed.

I think kudos should be also given to the people who actively participate in the forums and answer a lot of questions that I and, others have asked during this journey. Their help as at times been extremely valuable.

Thanks all and happy 2017


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For those who passed, if you could post your study plan or any study tips in our Study Guide thread, that would be helpful to other members who may not have passed or who are just beginning their studies :)


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Bonus points to the people who clocked the Quartiles on the website are different to the Quartiles in the PDF.
Confusing as always. Has anyone noticed that the 2017 practice exams are now being charged for? Don't mind paying but will that mean they will be less error prone and more relevant to the actual exam?