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Exam Feedback November 2016 Part 2 Exam Feedback


interesting...i submitted mine too just after results became available overnight...maybe ill get mine too today!!

Also, congratulations of course!

Same here S666 - I submitted mine 20-30m after frmfrm first posted his results on this forum - let's see who wins!


anyone else certified yet? I submitted yesterday, no news yet!

Just got cert-ti-fied!

Thanks. I was about 9 GMT so waaay behind you :)

10:30pm EST on jan 2nd for me (translates to 3:30am GMT).

Do you have to click yes on "contact supervisor?"

No - I did although I thought it meant "is it okay to contact your manager?" rather than "we will send your supervisor a note of your certification". But either way works for me. :)


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I submited the 2 years related working experience on the afternoon Jan 3rd, Beijing time, still under review.....
Do Garp notice to the candidates if rejected?