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Exam Feedback November 2017 Part 1 Exam Feedback

Passed - 1,2,1,2. Studied part time for 5 weeks using mainly Bionic Turtle. Put life on pause and studied 3-5 hours per night and all of the weekends during the 5 weeks. Focussed on questions and videos as opposed to reading through all the core material due to time constraints. Topic reviews + practise exams were key. Will def study much earlier for part 2.

Nicole Seaman

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Congratulations to all of those who passed! To those of you who did not pass, do not give up! Your BT team will be here to help you through this journey :)

The exam was challenging for me. A lot of questions are not straightforward, I worked out step 1 but couldn't continue step 2.. I thought there would be at least one or two BSM questions, but there was none, which was disappointing.
I thought that I would probably fail, especially seeing a lot of people saying it was easy, but I ended up passing with 2121! Thanks to Bionic Turtle!

Definitely learnt my lesson, I can't wait until the last month to review for Part 2, it was such an unpleasant stretch for part 1.
Passed part 1 (1,2,1,2).
I must say that the Brooklyn exam site was pretty badly organized, the exam started 45 minutes late. Hope they improve for part 2 of the exam.
Anyway thanks Bionic Turtle, without BT I would have never passed.

Passed 1,2,3,3- FMP, VRM, Quants, FRM; MASSIVE thanks to David and his entire BT team for making this happen. When it comes to FRM, the quality of your materials are second to none. In my humble opinion, BT questions are the 'Bible' behind passing the FRM exams. Congrats to everyone who passed. Now onto CFA L2 in June, and then FRM L2 in November.
2,2,1,1 - Passed - Thanks BT!

i felt overly prepared for this exam so i am glad it paid off. i must have done every garp practice exam going back to 2009 and it felt as if i had seen all of the practice questions setup somewhere before. i finished entire exam thru once with 45 min to go and only left 5 questions blank. 2 ended up being complete guesses and the other 3 felt like i was able to spend more time narrowing down - ill likely prepare the same for level 2. BT practice questions/test also helped immensely! and thanks for all the videos david!
I passed the exam!
I'd like to thank BT and David in particular for the great work you do. The exercise, the explanation to the solutions and the possibility to interact with you are fundamental!