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Exam Feedback November 2017 Part 1 Exam Feedback

¡¡¡Hi!! Passed!!!!! Q1
Many thanks David and BT team. I found your notes and PQs really useful and simular to real exam question ( closer than other sources...). Let's start wich Part II

Rosa R.
Hi, Its Over (1313)

Had very less time so concentrated mainly on FRM and FMP part it paid off.
spent like 50-20-80-30 hrs , could have scored more.
FRM Part II is just over the horizon, need to grasp it (arms length).

Congrats guys to everyone who cleared.
Others don't be disheartened. Just get back on track, you can do it.
Remember you just need to dedicate time(200 hrs some say) with 100% mind presence not just body.


Gummadi Banuprakash