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Exam Feedback November 2017 Part 2 Exam Feedback

Located in the U.S. Saw my passing result for Part 2 and downloaded my performance analysis. However, it all disappeared when I went back to "My Programs."
Hi, guys

I know the results will be released soon, so i keep checking the website from time to time. Today when I tried to login, i read my results with the details distributions.

But then when I refresh the website, it backs to nothing.
Does anyone experience the same situation with me?
why are the part 2 candidates seeing and downloading their results not able to provide screenshot as evidence? I think some are probably making it up. I'll wait until midnight, I guess, to check again.

that's what mine currently looks like because when it said I passed it let me enter my work experience. then my passing notification disappeared. site will probably be acting strange until closer to final results all posted.