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Exam Feedback November 2017 Part 2 Exam Feedback

Yes, thank you.

I am referring to another list quoting the 2017 Nov FRM Part 2 pass list, i passed the exam but my name is not on the list.
You're looking at a stale list that hasn't been updated yet.

Once the certified FRM list is updated (probably around end of March or beginning of April), I'm assuming the list of "Certified FRMs | 1st Quarter 2017" as shown below will probably change to "Certified FRMs | 4th Quarter 2017" .

I see 2nd and 3rd quarter list are missing for 2017.






If your name shows up in the search below, then you have nothing to worry about.

Hi guys,

I too have passed the Level II exam in November (or at least that's the result I got!), but I cannot find my name on the pass list either. Unfortunately, I cannot post any links, but after the garp/frm... you need to type "our-passed-frms/frm2/2017-11-18" to get there.

May be that's the list LewisL was referring to.

Hope the list just hasn't been updated yet. I am not in the FRM directory since I am waiting for my work experience approval to come through (not certified yet).
Submitted 3 January at 1000 GMT

Queried by GARP and re-submitted on 23 January (nothing major, I made an error with an employment date)

Certified 21 February at 1800 GMT

Huge thanks to David, Nicole and my fellow candidates on this forum, and all best wishes for the future.