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Exam Feedback November 2018 Part 1 Exam Feedback

Cleared the exam as well. Results, Q1-Q1-Q1-Q2. Very happy with the result and many thanks to BT for the program. Congrats to everyone who passed the exam.


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Passed 2223. I barely made the cut! This has been a religious experience as I prayed a lot for this. I used Wiley videos/questions for 80%.
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Not sure how this works, I failed with a 2323
Sorry to hear, looks like you were close though. From the looks of your score vs the one donworth quoted.... The last 2 sections have more weight, so would think they barely got by considering the weights and higher scores.
I passed! 1, 1, 1, 1!!! I’m so happy!!
Thank you @David Harper CFA FRM and @Nicole Seaman.
It’s not the first time you read this and this certainly won’t be the last, but I couldn’t have done it without BT. Your genuine desire to help people understand the material and pass the exam goes way beyond what I would have ever expected. It made me feel like I had a support system. And I thank you again for that.

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Congratulations to all of those who passed Part 1 :) We hope that you will join us for your Part 2 studies!! For those who did not pass, DON'T GIVE UP! Register for one of the 2019 exams and try again. We are here to help you to learn the concepts every step of the way!
What does cyber security have to do with the timing trick? You still have to be logged in to view it..
I'd call the ability to bypass logical security measures and access hidden data by simply changing the date on your phone a pretty weak cybersecurity measure. Admittedly not a ton of risk in this particular case, but it wouldn't make me feel good about, for example, keeping a credit card number on file with GARP.