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Exam Feedback November 2018 Part 2 Exam Feedback

Have you confirmed your mailing address? I didn't and have not recieved the thing. My mailing adress has been noted on my portal since my first logging in.
I haven't received anything yet...I live in Luxembourg...tomorrow is exactly 8 weeks since they sent it and if we dont receive anything by then, then we have to contact GARP...i haven't confirmed my email address or anything as I have already included my adress since the creation of the profile on GARP.... :/
8 weeks distance is by the end of next week, imo. My situation is exactly the same as yours and we are both in Europe. Be aware that GARP will send it again on June 29th. Thus, we may expect receiving those earliest in the late July. I mean in the case we wouldn't receive it during next days.
Still nothing. I wrote too. They haven't responded yet. Few years ago, I received a CFAI charter within 10 days from the US by regular mail.
It's a weird situation.