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Exam Feedback November 2019 Part 2 Exam Feedback


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PASSED!!!! Thank you Bionic Turtle!!! You made it possible!!! Just submitted work experience. I hope it won't take so long. My friends heart back after 6 weeks once hearing back from their results end of June.


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Passed with 32113
Huge thank to David and the team!
From the very beginning when I was applying for the student discount, the team was helpful indeed!
Definitely will recommend BT to my fellows!! Cheers!!!
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Nicole Seaman

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Does anyone know if you can submit past work experience too?
The form on the website states "submit your most recent work exp..."
Does that mean only your current job is valid?
You can submit your past work experience Here is a screenshot from the GARP website under the FAQ page:

work experience.jpg
Passed 11111. In hindsight, I studied too much for either of the exams...

Anyway: Thanks a lot, David + Nicole!

I will definitely recommend your service to my current and future colleagues.