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Operational risk - Basel chapters

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I have started reading the Basel chapters yesterday and i have to admit they are proving to be very boring and annoying. I havent even finished the first 3 chapters and i'm really struggling with them. I mean the whole operational risk topic is a bit too much but those chapters are the worst so far. So my questions here does anyone know how testable those chapters are?
Has anyone else struggled with those readings? If yes then how did you manage to read them in the end?
I also feel the someway, would appreciate any advice, I also noticed from the AIM's BaselIII - International Framework for LRM is missing from the study planner.


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Likewise -- I find OP Risk readings in general to be so information-poor that it makes it nigh impossible to complete the readings. Instead, I focused on BT's study notes and practice questions. In my opinion (if others have a different view, please let me know why), reading source materials for OP Risk is a waste of time.

I too am looking forward to the Basel III - Int'l Framework reading being posted on BT's site...