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Part II Exam Preparation Tips (Request)


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Hi guys,

Passed FRM Part 1 in May 2018. Are there any tips and tricks to studying for Part II, or is it pretty much just continue doing to same thing I'd done for Part I?

I studied the notes topic by topic and did some questions after every topic over a period of 3 months. Then 5 days before the exam I go drunk on doing past year papers (official GARP samples) and from as many study materials providers as I could get. I eventually got a 2/2/1/1 and was kinda steady during the exam. Nothing particularly unnerved me except after the paper when I realized I made a number of careless mistakes (waiting for the results was nerve-wrecking!).

If it matters, I've been practicing risk management for the past 1.5 years - 1.0 yr in asset management (operational and investment risk) and then currently 0.5 yrs in a financial risk mgmt role within the insurance industry. So while formulas and most concepts can be new, the terminology is otherwise something I am familiar and comfortable with.

Also, what's the pass mark for Part 2? Would a 50/80 be a safe pass?