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Discussion in 'About FRM' started by Yong, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Yong

    Yong New Member

    I got this from GARP, want to share with the forum

    The pass rate for the May 2012 FRM Exam Part I was 47.3% and the pass rate for Part II was 61.1%. Congratulations again to all who cleared it, and a reminder to those who are considering sitting for the November exam that Early Registration ends July 31.
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  2. FRM_Exam

    FRM_Exam Member

    Does anyone know when will they release the full pass list of candidates with their names on it such as the one posted here for November 2012

    Btw disappointed with the pass rate for Part II - they really should not exceed 40% or at max 50 %
  3. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    Thanks Yong, I used the results for today's "fun" quiz, fwiw @

    note these pass rates are vaguely consistent with recent trend; i.e.,
    average P1 pass rate (n=6) is 49.0% (55.20%, 52.50%, 39.30%, 53.10%, 46.60%, 47.30%)
    average P2 pass rate (n=5) is 57.7% (54.0%, 54.9%, 61.6%, 57.0%, 61.1%)
  4. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

    Hi FRM_Exam,

    Someone asked this on their facebook page and their response was: "The pass list should be posted some time next week."

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  5. FRM_Exam

    FRM_Exam Member

    Thanks Suzanne - I have found this Bionic Turtle website to be really active and helpful - and I do intend to come over here regularly and potentially be able to help out the candidates appearing for their FRM Exams later this year.

    I don't think there is any other forum other there (CFA, FRM, etc) which is as active as this one.
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  6. ArbitUP

    ArbitUP Member

    I'd like to know the composition of the test taking demographic and who passed and who didn't. Basically age, education, other certifications (CFA, etc). I found that many people taking the FRM have already completed the CFA program, and the pass rate amongst that group should be really high (given overlap and the fact that you've essentially 'proven' that you are smart enough). The CFA on the other hand has a potentially younger group working on their first program, which would cause the failure rate to be higher.

    In other words simply looking at the pass rates may not be the best indication of difficulty, as the FRM candidate pool may simply be smarter than the CFA pool.
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  7. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Why were the results published of level II only?
    Were the results of level I published anywhere else?

  8. FRM_Exam

    FRM_Exam Member

    Hi Hend, I can't find a reason why should it be published for Level I??

    I think it is pretty much an industry standard now to release the names of candidates who have passed the final exams / level. CFA also does it for the candidates who have passed their Level III exams - maybe it forms a part of circulation policy in the industry and also I guess it is ideal for current employers to verify the names via a pass list posted on 3rd party website (as majority of companies do pay for candidates to sit for exams).
  9. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Thanks FRM-Exam...I understand.
    Just thought someone might want to show to their (potential) employers that period between passing part I and 2 was minimal.
    And the record would be nice :)
  10. nageshtheone

    nageshtheone Member

    you have any idea , how many ppl sat for the part 1?
  11. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Umm...probably out of place, but won't wait :)

    I looooove the new reactions emoticons, under every reply :cool: :cool::cool: Cooool

    Thanks David and Suzanne
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  12. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    Re number of sitters, I asked GARP on their FB page:
    and they answered:
    @Hend: thanks, I hope you are doing well? Our developers just installed the reaction emoticons (we wanted so we could track the gold stars for the weekly awards, but I love it). We have the best developers, ever.

    P.S. if you use facebook, I do recommend GARP's FRM FB page, whoever staffs it is very responsive, it is at
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  13. ColumbusGuy

    ColumbusGuy New Member

    David, I passed level 1 with 2233. Is there a statistical test to infer that I was FRM's "worst passing" candidate of 2012 (or ever) with 100% confidence interval? (See GARP took away my dignity with that score but they can not take my sense of humor away :) )
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  14. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    I can tell just from your quartiles that you do not have the questionable honor of being the poorest performer :)

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