Passed part 1 and part 2 but not yet certified FRM

Discussion in 'About FRM' started by shanlane, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. shanlane

    shanlane Active Member

    If I passed part 1 and part 2, but have not officially been designated as a Financial Risk Manager, how can I put this on a resume? There is something about submitting your work history and needing to be approved before we are supposed to use the designation.

    I would like to get my resume out there ASAP, but the GARP website said that I would not officially be able to use the designation until the middle/end of September.

    Any suggestions?


  2. Leli

    Leli Member

    i used something like "FRM, part I (Nov 2011), part II (May 2012)"
    I need to get a new job to really become certified !
  3. FRM_Exam

    FRM_Exam Member

    safest thing to add on your resume as per what I read on GARP website FAQ section is -

    FRM Program – Passed Parts I & II
  4. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    I thought you get to use designation without the "C"
    We can uses FRM, but not CFRM, until our resumes are approved.

    Can someone confirm/correct referring to a GARP source?
  5. FRM_Exam

    FRM_Exam Member

    Hi Hend,

    There is no such designation as CFRM - maybe what you refer to is Certified FRM. However, without getting your work experience approved you can't use either.

    You can not use FRM or Certified FRM unless GARP approves your work experience. Using the FRM / Cetified FRM tag without getting your work experience approved is not correct and against the guidelines set by GARP. Both these titles can be used only after you have been certified which means passing the exams and verifying the work experience

    From here - Experience and the Certification Process

    When can I begin using my FRM designation? You may use the FRM designation after your name once you have passed both the FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II, met the two year work experience requirement and have received notification that your CV/ résumé submission for your FRM Certificate has been reviewed and is complete. You do not have to wait until you have actually received the FRM Certificate. To review the proper usage of the FRM, click here.

    From here -

    Proper Usage of the FRM Designation
    The FRM designation adds significant value to your credentials. Having earned the FRM certification, you are eligible and encouraged to acknowledge your achievement by using the certification designation on your business cards and where appropriate in your business activities.

    Certified FRM
    Financial Risk Manager - Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals

    After your name in written correspondence and/or as part of your email signature
    After your name on business cards, letterheads and/or name plates
    As an identifier in resumes, curriculum vitas, biographies, personal statements and/or published articles
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  6. David Harper CFA FRM

    David Harper CFA FRM David Harper CFA FRM (test) Staff Member

    Hi Shannon,

    I hope you are doing well! From
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  7. FRM_Exam

    FRM_Exam Member

    Also from here - GARP has mentioned the guidelines very cleary - what to do when you pass Lever 1 or Level 1 and 2 exams

    If I have passed the FRM Exam Part I and have yet to take FRM Exam Part II, can I note on my CV/ résumé that I passed Part I and if so, how may I do that? You are permitted to include the following statement on your CV/résumé once you have passed the FRM Exam Part I: "FRM Program - Passed FRM Exam Part I"
    If I have passed the FRM Exam Part I and Part II, but have not yet met the work experience requirement or been notified by GARP that my work experience meets the requirements for certification, what can I state on my CV/résumé? You can include the following statement on your CV/résumé once you have passed the FRM Exam Part I and Part II: "FRM Program - Passed FRM Exam Part I & Part II"
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  8. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Thank you FRM_Exam and David
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  9. troubleshooter

    troubleshooter Active Member

    Or you could add "FRM Holder". If you check your profile, that's what it says so there should be nothing wrong with using that...
  10. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Thanks troubleshooter...but what or which profile are you referring to? This BT profile?
  11. troubleshooter

    troubleshooter Active Member

  12. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Cool :)
    Thanks troubleshooter...

    But are you sure we can use that outside GARP status reference?
  13. troubleshooter

    troubleshooter Active Member

    As that's what your profile shows, you should be entitled to use that terminology. I am not able to find a clear instruction in GARP site for usage of "FRM Holder" but that could be a good question for GARP. You wanna ask and keep all of us in the loop?:)
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  14. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Indeed I will...I already bombarded them with questions this morning, will send fifth in a minute :)
  15. Aleksander Hansen

    Aleksander Hansen Well-Known Member

    I'm just going to throw it out there, GARPs 3rd suggestion is ridiculous. Who would put "Financial Risk Manager - Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals" on any resume or business card? It looks like you're saying, "I'm insecure but I promise, I really am certified".

    Can one not drop the certified by piece and just use Financial Risk Manager, or Certified Financial Risk Manager if one wants to spell it out? Would't make sense on a business card but some people might put it on their CV..

    Since I'm already rambling I will comment on another thing

    Aleks' guide to proper business card etiquette
    I would say go with FRM or Certified FRM.

    1) I always get skeptical when I receive a business card from someone who lists random things like, e.g. BSc Mathematics or MSc Statistics. Do not put anything on your business card except for PhD in terms of academic degrees.

    2) Do yourself a big favor and don't put Dr. John/Jane Doe, PhD. The Dr. pre-fix looks stupid, and you come across as either arrogant or insecure. If you are a medical doctor, then fine you may include it if you must, but unless you're making house calls, stick with PhD.

    3) Professional [and recognized] certifications like CFA or FRM are also acceptable. If you have a PhD, the, e.g. FRM title should come after, so: Jane Doe, PhD, FRM.

    4) Don't try to be cute and throw in a nickname like Jane "Bionic Turtle" Doe, PhD, FRM (David, Suzanne, I use that with the best of intentions but feel free to modify). The only exception to this is if your name is originally not based on the Latin alphabet, or if you have a "Latin" name but are living in a non-Latin language country. In those cases though, printing an English version on the obverse, and a local/original name on the reverse side.

    5) if you have a PhD the following is also acceptable:
    Jane Doe, CFA, FRM
    PhD Physics

    6) Take a look at the first 15 minutes of the movie, "American psycho". There's a scene about business cards; believe it or not but it is not that far from the truth.
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  16. Jas

    Jas Member

    Does it not show "Certified FRM"?

    When is it supposed to show "FRM Holder"?

  17. Hend Abuenein

    Hend Abuenein Active Member

    Mine shows FRM Holder now...
  18. shanlane

    shanlane Active Member

    I just entered all of my information to complete the process, but I did not see anything about actually submitting a resume. Did I miss something?


  19. Jas

    Jas Member

    No, you need not submit a resume. The information captured in the form will be used to evaluate your eligibility for the relevant 2 years work-ex.

  20. Jas

    Jas Member

    Have you submitted your resume details?


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