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Personal investments-What could be helpful?


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Hi David and everybody!
While preparing for FRM I was dreaming of making money on the Exchange. In FRM 2 program there are some readings which give a clue how to manage a portfolio from a fund perspective etc. But I want to construct and manage MY own portfolio :)
1. The readings to which certificate (CFA, FRM, CIPM, PRMIA, other?) could be helpful in starting personal investments? I am just thinking that maybe one of certification program is worth entering and buying books, for the sake of being better prepared for personal investments? Could e.g. CFA materials be helpful in this regard?
2. Do you know good books/webpages/helpful readings on personal investments?
3. Do you have any advice to such dreamers as myself :)?
By the way, I passed FRM 1 thanks to BT and tried to pass FRM 2 yesterday (will see;)
I would be greateful for any hint!!! I am really eager to earn my leaving on Stock / Commodity exchange or other forms of investments. I believe it could be more fruitful than waiting for a salary increase by my employer after passing FRM 2...
Thank you in advance!
There are hundreds of books out there ranging from Jeremy Siegel to W. Buffett about investing, but I would say that a specific exam like the CFA or FRM improves your ability to generate a solid return.

It definitely helps if you have the troika: CFA, FRM and CAIA. At least you get the tools to be well equipped starting to read the other material. The CIPM is useful as well to assess the performance of individual assets, funds etc.