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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Publishing Process for 2020


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Hi David and Nicole,

Firstly, thank you as always for the transparency you provide to members of BT. The spreadsheet you have put together highlighting the changes to the syllabus is extremely useful, and it's clear that GARP have made some substantial changes for 2020 (from what I have seen for Level 2 at least) so I imagine there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes!

I just have one question - for readings that were already included in 2019, and for which the learning objectives have not changed, why have the study notes been removed from the planner? You have said above that they will be re-added in the coming days so it is not a major issue, it's more out of curiosity in case I have missed something.


David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi Liam (@Lmgroves1 ) Thank you. I've hosted this forum transparently for over a decade. If it were only a matter of my own violation, I would explain why. But I can't, and further, I can't explain why I can't explain why. It's not up to just me. You can consequently infer there are external factors. If that changes, I promise, here is the first place I will post. Sorry. In the meantime, I spent the last month updating the notes, and I'm really proud of the drafts (that will shortly publish), it's easily the best notes we've ever published, so we look forward to sequentially deploying them in the new SP, as soon as possible. Thank you!
@flyingpan no, we cannot do that (for reasons that I cannot explain, and I will explain as soon as we can, if we are able). Our progress on the updated draft notes is very good, so please be patient. When I compare our anticipated schedule to other EPP benchmarks, it appears will be among the quickest. Thank you.
@ David Harper you don't have any option, you've to be the Quickest because unless you release your material, other coaching institute will not be able to release theirs as quite a few of them watch your videos and try to understand concepts of Risk Management ;);):)
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@David Harper @Nicole Seaman Are we still on target to release the new study planner this week? I started with GARP Quant readings, and its just atrocious. Very tough to follow. Waiting for your notes.
Hello @jimmykaw

Yes, we are in the process of testing the new study planner. We cannot rush this, as this is a brand new study planner (not just an update of the current one) and we need to make sure that everything is functioning properly before we launch it on the website. We appreciate your patience, but I'm sure that our members would prefer to wait a few extra days instead of having the study planner malfunction during your studies.

I reluctantly provided a launch date of this week, which is something that we normally don't even provide, as providing dates has never been an efficient process in the past. I'm trying to keep our members up to date as much as possible. If you follow the learning objectives in the study guide and check my mapping notes in our XLS it should be easy to open the appropriate document and study those learning objectives until we can get this launched. Thank you for your patience.



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Hi, I just wanted to know what the potential timeline is for the updated syllabus to be put together? Also for the topics that still have the study notes are they already up to date?

Thanks in advance