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Discussion in 'About FRM' started by FRM_Part2_Candidate, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. FRM_Part2_Candidate

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    Hi guys. I am new to the forum and have signed up for the full exam in Nov. After reviewing this forum for a while, I decided to buy Schweser notes and BT videos/notes/practice questions (Tier 2 package). I know sitting for level 1 and level 2 is very challenging, so I would appreciate your feedback!

    I researched this forum thoroughly and the study plan that I have conceived, for every topic, is as follows:
    1. Read the AIM
    2. Watch BT Video
    3. Read Schweser Notes
    4. Takes notes/formula sheet/graphs
    5. Glance the AIM
    6. Review for topics that are still unclear
    7. Practice questions

    Hopefully, I will be able to finish part I by mid-September. Then focus on part II until mid-October. Thereafter, I would review.

    A few questions for you:
    1. Do I need to buy/look at the handbook readings (answers on the forums vary)?
    2. How do you suggest I structure my review starting mid-October?
    3. Do you have any other tips / suggestions?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. ShaktiRathore

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    Regarding ans to part 1 i think the handbook can be used as a reference so that you can study again the topics which are important ot unclear to you. Otherwise it is upto you o decide whether to use the handbook.During my prepi did'nt used the handbook.
    Review means you need to go through all the topics again.I would recommend that you make noted of all the topics so when its time to review you study from these notes. In addition i would advise you to prepare a formula sheet whereby you divide the sheet into four parts and write formula for each part separately in the sheet Do it for both frm part1 and 2.In addition you can have a small mini-pocket book where you could write all the formula and carry the book with you and glance at them whenever time permits.
    Also focus on numerical exercises.
    Best of luck
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  3. troubleshooter

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    Your Item 2 and Item 3 should contribute to Item 4. Item 4 should be in average 1 page per topic so that it is practically possible to review this multiple times before the exam. You should have an Item between 6 and 7 -- Review the notes/forumulae/graph taken by you few times. You shoul leave 12-14 days for this review and practice tests. So please work backward to figure out the number of days left before the exam and how you will fit your schedule in it.

    As you are taking both Level I and II on the same day, I would suggest you focus mainly on Level I. You should remember that if you do not pass Level I, Level II will not be graged. So your strategy should be to give main focus to Levl I and rest to II. That way, you will at lease pass Level I. But the goal is obviously to pass both. Please use the differenct sections of the forum to sharpen your knowledge here. BT forum is the best/most active you can find in the world. Should you have questions you cannot work out on your own, post them here. David personally spends quite a bit of time in the forum, which I always appreciated. If you have time, you should help others posting questions too... That will only help with your own understanding of the concepts....

    One final suggestion - Stay away from FRM Handbook. I think the title of the book is quite misleading and it will only end up wasting your time...

    All the best :)
  4. FRM_Part2_Candidate

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    Thank you for the feedback. Great suggestions. Thank you for your help.
  5. Aleksander Hansen

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    1) I would add that reviewing using David's notes is a good idea as it won't take you as long as reviewing GARPs or Schwesers's material. He doesn't add the chit-chat but goes through the aims very succinctly. Not reviewing using the BT notes would probably be a big mistake IMO.

    2) Personally I don't sit down and read the aims. I just have a quick look at the BT front page of a section. After reading the section it should be self evident what the true aims are. Besides, GARP throws in random stuff in their aims, and leaves out other things.

    3) I never take notes for review. I read, and will write down very few things and formulas just to learn some things by both reading and writing it.
    I never have more than half a page for a chapter. Afterwards I tear out the sheets from my notebook and throw them in the trash. I never review with my notes.

    I find excessive note-taking to be a tremendous waste of time - time which would be better spent doing practice questions, where you will, indeed, write things down; the difference however is that it will be concrete and relevant, and you will learn to apply what you read in a manner you need to truly understand the topics, as well as prepare yourself for the exam. That's just how I do it though. You might prefer something else.
    I just cannot fathom why people would write a notebook full of notes. No wonder some people have trouble getting through the readings.

    I would review things that are still unclear by doing the associated PQs, which will give you a much better use of the text since it's a focused reference in conjunction with application of something you might find hard.

    That's just my take.
  6. Suzanne Evans

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    Thank you for your purchase with

    1) You might find this FAQ helpful:
    2) We recommend that our paid customers utilize the study planner: The study planner provides to-do lists, completed lists, etc which will help you structure your very out study plan as far as which content you wish to review.
    3) You should find a lot of feedback within the forum!


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