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  1. Vikas31

    Vikas31 New Member

    Hi David,
    I could not find any practice questions on the following topics:

    1. Richard Grinold-Active Portfolio Management
    2. Eugene Fama and Kenneth French - CAPM
    3. Trust and Delegation
    4. Madoff: A riot of red flags
    5. Amir E khandani and Andrew Lo- Empirical Analysis of Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds & US Equity portfolio
    6. Leslie Rahl--Risk Management for Pension Funds and Investment Managers Using VAR by Michelle McCarthy
    Can you please let me know on this...?
    Are these topics low on test-ability..? Some of these are big, heavy and complicated (e.g. : Khandani), not sure from exam purpose do they need to be focused as well..?
  2. Suzanne Evans can help w.r.t Grinold and Rahl?

    @Vikas: most of those, it is true, we do not have PQ for. The T8 is coming on the rotation, but i can't say which/how much we will cover, I will do my best. I'm not sure about the exam focus, I will bookmark and come back to this (it's impossible to be current on everything, every year ... we have to make priority choices). The Leslie Rahl I did skip because: it's been in the curriculum for years but utterly ignored by GARP, far as i can tell. Thanks,
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  3. Vikas31

    Vikas31 New Member

    Thanks David. This helps. Will await your bookmarks.

    Little tricky one, On a personal note, I found the following topic little too exhaustive and heavy. Is it worth while spending time on this..?

    Amir E khandani and Andrew Lo- Empirical Analysis of Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds & US Equity portfolio

    It would be great if you could throw light on this.

    Thanks Again.


  4. Hi Vikas, I probably should not say, but honestly, the bulk of it is unlikely to be tested. So far, the queries have been about only the first AIM and Lo's (well-known) idea of using autocorrelation as a measure of illiquidity. Me personally, i would not spend much time on the paper. But please that is not official guidance, I don't really like to answer this sort of question because GARP is full of surprises. Thanks,
  5. Vikas31

    Vikas31 New Member

    I understand your reservation. But thanks a lot.

    This would really help.

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  6. Suzanne Evans

    Suzanne Evans Administrator

  7. quantbooster

    quantbooster New Member

    Hi David ,

    Could you please confirm if you are publishing practice questions for following topics .

    Portfolio Construction: Grinold, Chapter 14

    - Risk Monitoring and Performance Measurement: Litterman, Ch 17
    - Overview of Private Equity: Stowell, Chapter 16
    - Trust and Delegation Brown (May 2010)
    - Madoff: A Riot of Red Flags: Detecting Fraud by Investment Managers
    - Risk Budgeting for Pension Funds and Investment Managers: Rahl, Chapter 6Measurement: Litterman

    Hedge funds by - Constantinides

    Risk Management for Hedge funds introduction and overview
  8. Hi quantbooster, as above (and as I've replied many times), those won't make the rotation before the exam next month, but most of those will probably get addressed before the November exam, testability depending; our current focus is on publishing a revised set of practice question documents that fall into a more testable domain frankly. Thanks,
  9. 6Mil

    6Mil New Member

    ".. but most of those will probably get addressed before the November exam, testability depending;" - DH, 4/28/13
    Has a decision (based on testability) been made with regard to providing practice questions for Grinold 14 ahead of the November 2013 Exam?
  10. Hi 6Mil - No. We are about to finish Gregory Counterparty/CVA and T2 Global Review. Then, I expect to see an early draft of 2014 AIMs and decide next sequences based on that; e.g., I might switch into a double P2 sequence (Mon to Friday). See if the Grinold survives another year (I think they should drop it, they don't seem to really test it). Thanks,
  11. EK

    EK Member

    hi David,
    AAMOF, Grinold Chapter 14 has survived for another year.. Does that mean we can expect some practice questions on it?

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