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Practicing theory portions in FRM 2

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Any ideas on how to go about the theory sections, especially loaded in Operational risk management book

Principles of sound mgmt, ERM, Op Risk - supervisory guidelines, Risk appetite Framework, Range of practices and issues in economic capital frameworks, Risk budgeting and many... more

Guys, how to deal with these sections of the course. Are these supposed to be mugged up with sections of theory and endless points and subpoints of text

I cant even find any decent practice for these sections, hardly any respresentation in the past Practice exams

Please guide


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Yes you need to take away important points from these sections,mug up if neccessary. I would advise to give a quick read and note down important points in a notebook to revise later before exam.
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Hi Shakti

Thanks for your response.
1. Could you please help me understand how testable these topics are as to how much of the exam is expected from such portions?
2. Also please indicate the level of complexity
3. Relevant references for practicing/ best way to practice

I am really concerned about these as I have a hard time putting such topics together


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1) these portion has low to medium testability,u can expext max2-3Qs.
2) simple questions asking for what is what
3)u dont need lot of practice for these portion u can see this from prac questions included by David,he includes only those questions that have high testability. Dont expect much from this section in exam.