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FAQ Before Exam Pre Exam tensions...

This might make you feel a bit better - I've only been studying for this thing (Part I) for about a week... Because of some life events, I didn't get to put in the effort I would have liked to, and unfortunately I missed the deferral deadline too.

Been taking the older GARP practice exams and scoring in the 60-80% range (I'm an actuary, so I have previous exposure to a lot of the concepts)

However, I have low expectations. This is a disappointingly unlucky situation but I will still at least get a feel of the exam and try my best...who knows, I may even pass!


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I'm more nervous about security and safety in test center... than the test itself....>_< Although not really prepared that well...
I don't know why I feel a bit like I am not prepared at all and then I look at hundreds of pages I wrote and think this has to be somewhere in my brain...
We'll see..
In any cases, good luck everyone!
I also want to express my nervousness in this round. The FRM LvL 1 Exam will be on 18. nov and even though I studied really hard and learned a lot, still I have the feeling that its going to fail. I just don't want to get disappointed at the end.