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Purchase GARP readings


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I have all the Kaplan books for Part 1 as well access to the Bionic Turtle materials. Do I need to also purchase the GARP readings? Some of the books I own, but a few I do not have and I would rather not buy. I can try to find them from friends or in the library, but it is unlikely I will find them all.

Do I really need all these readings? Or is it sufficient to review the Kaplan books, the bionic turtle videos, notes, practice questions, and practice test?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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In my opinion the Kaplan books are fine for Part I, especially if you complement them with BT. In some topics I found the Kaplan books a little too superficial, but in this instances you can always look into BT. In the worst case you can buy the article you are struggling with from the GARP digital library. As far as I understand you can buy all the relevant articles separately from there.
I learned for part 1 only from Kaplan and ended up buying 3 articles from GARP in addition, because I couldn't make sense of these chapters in Kaplan. I'm currently learning for part 2 and try a different approach. I bought the books from GARP and have BT. That is definitely enough information for me. I would not be able to read another set of books.

Hope that helps.