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Question on YouTube video using calculator

Video has inputs 1000 face, 4 coupon, ytd maturity 10, yield 6.0%. Evertyime I do problem I get -1340.98 as answer. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Using ti ba plus. Thanks

David Harper CFA FRM

David Harper CFA FRM
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Hi @JamesVU2000 I'm not sure, your result suggests a coupon rate that is higher than the yield, so something's amiss on your inputs. Try the sequence below but notice my first two steps reset/clear the calculator. After each step, my "#" signifies my comment so you can compare the DISPLAY (my calculator displays to 4 decimals):

[2nd] [CLR TVM] # reset TVM to defaults including P/Y = C/Y = 1 which is often the problem
[CE|C] # display = 0.00; ie, clear
20 [N] # display: N = 20.0000
3 [I/Y] # display: I/Y = 3.0000
20 [PMT] # display: PMT = 20.0000
1000 [FV] # display: FV = 1,000.0000
[CPT] [PV] # display: PV = -851.2253

Ive tried both of the basic bond tutorials on youtube and consistently produced the same wrong answers. I reset the calculator according to instructions. If anyone has any advice on why it does not work I would appreciate the help. Edit- i figured it out out sorry!
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