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YouTube R Finance-01: Load historical stock price series

Nicole Seaman

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In this video, I'm excited to share one approach to importing historical stock price series into R. I think there are different ways to do this. My approach here is inspired by the approach that is illustrated by Jonathan Regenstein and his excellent book, Reproducible Finance with R, which you can find here: https://amzn.to/2zN6z1e. I will show you my variation and then the source from which I learned his approach. To do that, I'm going to load some libraries, including tidyverse, tidyquant, and ggplot. Quant mod is a very popular package for importing the technical data that includes stock price histories, but I've learned that tidyquant, written by the super talented Matt Dancho, includes quant mod so you get everything in quant mod plus a lot more.

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