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YouTube R Programming Tidyverse: readr package to import data (csv, tab-separated, fixed-width) (tidy-02)

Nicole Seaman

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David introduces the package that's called readr, which is part of the tidy verse, and this is the package that we would use to import external files into our R environment as usable R objects. In the tidy verse those would be called Tibbles, but a Tibble is just an enhanced user-friendly version of the data frame. The data frame is the most important rectangular object in R. In a previous video, as part of the introduction R, we've already looked at this function here called read.table and I would just ask you to focus on the fact that it has a dot in it. That's the tell-tale sign that it is part of the base package. read.table is part of the utils package, which is loaded automatically when we start R.

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