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    I am sure somebody asked this before. Just register for Nov part one. I only have less than 3 month and I don't think I have time to read everything. But I am afraid I may miss something. Looking at AIM statement, each reading is assigned many points that may potentially test subject.

    I also bought Jorion's FRM handbook. It is pretty condensed and all the samples are real test questions. I plant o follow the book + many previous test questions. Any comments about the handbook based on your experience?

    BTW, I took CFA Level 2 in June, didn't pass. But the study may help me with FRM study.
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    Priority 1: Read the assigned Hull material carefully (except for operational risk that I would skip); read the assigned Tuckman carefully, read the assigned Jorion carefully. I would use David's videos, and notes but I recommend you reference and skim through the GARP reading on these central chapters.

    Priority 2) Read the probability, statistics/regression hypothesis testing etc.
    Read chapter from Linda Allen about Volatilities. It partly overlaps with a chapter from Priority 1 section, but you will
    see some questions on this so still good to know (I would skip the other assigned Allen reading: it's just chit-chat).
    Read the CAPM and performance ratio chapters.

    For what i have listed under Priority 2), considering you have some CFA background, I would rely solely on David's videos, study notes and questions - in that order. In my opinion David covers these topics excellently and these topics are not as "deep" as the Priority 1) topics. I would not waste time on GARP's reading here. Especially the stats/regression, as well as the CAPM readings are far too long. You will probably spend a fair amount of time on the practice questions though but that is not a bad idea.

    As for the rest I would just read the notes and watch the videos if you feel you don't have sufficient time.

    2) none of the questions are actual exam questions [as David has pointed out]. GARP does not release them. It's a little misleading but they are actually questions taken from Mock Exams. They still tend to be good as a concept checker but you have to do the Bionic Turtle questions if you want to have an edge. In my opinion, Jorions handbook is useful as a reference but does not cover the material in sufficient depth.

    Best advice I can give: quickly cover the readings in 1) and 2) then cover whatever else you can. It is imperative that you do the Bionic Turtle practice questions!
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    I am very frustrated. I don't know how many people actually read the book and follow the AIM statement. Why would GARP design the study in such an unorganized and unprofessional way? CFA curriculum is also written by different authors, but I don't feel inconsistency. It's absolutely a bad idea just to simply compile pieces of many books together!!
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    the_tank, there are lot of differences in CFA and FRM curriculum. The cfa curriculum is organised topic wise and there are ten topics each having their own segregated readings. The frm curriculum is covering vast topic areas divided into major types like credit risk ,operation risk etc. It is possible that GARP people have jumbled up topics withing the major topic type but the topics are systematically lined up. If you see the curriculum through the lens of these major topics than a lot of confusion can be fade away. cfa is highly systematic with their topics and adheres to them.I mean it is possible that Garp can subdivide the major topic areas to be more specific and clear. Than assign readings to them. Also CFA curriculum is very old and has gone several years of revisions to get the look as is seen today but garp should take some extra pain to design the curriculum in much better and learner friendly way.
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    @Suzanne Evans : Is the link above still applicable?
    It directs me to a FAQs page, but it talks about FAQs for your Affiliates, not for BT - FRM. I am wondering if I need to purchase the official readings from GARP when they release them in December (most likely) or just depend on BT (I intend to purchase Tier 2).

    Considering that I want to take both parts in May 2014, I wonder if I will have enough time for the readings; however, I do not want to risk not studying the material and failing the tests. It always seems that once you have covered all the assigned readings, you seem well-covered. Plus, all test prep providers, as a "disclaimer", suggest reading the assigned GARP readings.

    From what I understand, the "FRM Handbook" is not so essential; so, I plan to read the assigned GARP readings/materials. Also, purchasing the individual books (even if just 1 chapter from the book is an assigned reading) is far more expensive than the GARP-compiled FRM reading books.

    Is there a post where I can find answer to the question asked above? Thanks.
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  8. frm_risk

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    I suppose I will get the GARP study material (instead of the individual textbooks). I understand that some context might be missing from the GARP books; but buying 1 book from GARP is much simpler and cheaper than buying all those individual textbooks (doesn't seem worth to purchase an entire textbook if just one chapter is needed from it).

    Additionally, I will sign up for the Tier 2 for both parts which I plan to take in May 2014.

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