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Readings - should I plan to read everything

Nicole Seaman

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Hello @Shazam023

You will find that many people have a different approach to studying for the FRM (as you can see from the above two comments, which were both good responses!) ;) You can find additional information on other member's study plans here in this thread: https://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/threads/study-plan-guide.8670/#post-36254. The advice from both threads should help you to create a study plan that will fit you individually.

Just my 2 cents on the issue :) I started with Foundations and a lot of things did not make sense to me at first, it was all water and just a few solid points. So I gave up and went straight to parts 3 and 4 ending up spending 70-75% of total preparation time on them. Having ensured that I am fine with both sections, I moved on to statistics and finally reviewed Foundations - and it was all clear and concise this time, I felt like it effectively provided a summary of what I learned from parts 2,3,4. This is just my experience, of course, but I think there was not much of statistics involved in parts 3 and 4 and even if there are unclear points, one can study them simultaneously.